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Somerset Home Surveys is a registered limited company of independent surveyors working throughout Somerset and parts of Devon. We specialise in SAVA Home Condition Surveys for domestic and residential properties. Whether you are buying your first home, moving house, or extending your property portfolio, we’re here to help. Use our expertise and local knowledge to make an informed decision about the house you want to buy.

Somerset Home Surveys will always provide: -

A surveyor with local knowledge

Our local knowledge is an asset. It means we are familiar with the types of construction commonly found in Somerset and the surrounding areas, and which areas are prone to flood.

Independent, professional advice

We will always give you impartial and constructive advice about the house you want to buy.

An efficient, friendly and affordable service

We strive to provide an affordable, convenient and speedy service that any homebuyer feels they can use. Above all, we’re here to help you to make an informed decision based on what matters to you. We will always discuss your requirements and concerns beforehand and talk to you after inspection as well.

More than a survey, more than a surveyor…

Get a survey from Somerset Home Surveys, and you will directly benefit from the high ethical standards that SAVA demands of its surveyors, as well as the consumer protections of the SAVA scheme and the body of expertise it bestows on its members. It trains us, supports us and regulates the work we do for you. By getting a SAVA Home Survey you know are getting:
A survey which will be carried out to the highest standard by a highly trained, fully insured, CRB checked surveyor
Your report will be lodged with SAVA for quality assurance
You will have access to a complaints procedure which can go all the way to the SAVA governing body.

So, you're buying a new home

Do you need a Survey?

house for sale

The answer should almost always be yes, and here's why....

All homes have some defects. The important thing is to know about them beforehand so that you can recoup the cost of repairs by negotiating down your asking price. Trying to get recompense later through guarantees or insurance claims may not always work:

The Which? Consumer agency estimates that those home buyers who get their own survey done achieve an average reduction of £2,000 off their asking price.

Around a quarter of those who don't get their own survey done spend over £2,500 putting right serious defects after purchase.

If you are buying a newer house, your NHBC guarantee may not cover defects that would have been identified by a survey before the sale.

Your buildings insurer may not pay out for pre-existing defects if you did not get a survey.

"But surely, I’ll be able to see anything serious for myself, won’t I?"

Bar obvious damp or large cracks, probably not. Most of the problems you would want to know about before you buy are not so easy to spot. We are trained to recognise them and we will spend several hours inspecting the property and assessing what we see.

"But won't my lender's valuation report do the same thing?"

No. The 'survey' that is carried out by your mortgage lender is NOT a survey on the property’s condition. It is simply done to satisfy your lender that the house you are buying can act as collateral on your loan. The agency who carries out the inspection is working for your lender, not you. If they do a bad job, you have no redress.

"If I get a survey done, will it delay my purchase?"

No. A home condition survey can typically be completed within 48 hours.

"But I’ve heard that anything less than a full building survey is not worth doing"

A full building survey is advised for larger and houses built prior to World War One. For the more modern home, a home condition survey is an affordable alternative which will give you peace of mind about your purchase and may help you renegotiate your purchase price.

"Will I be able to understand what the report says?"

Yes. What really distinguishes the Home Condition Survey from other surveys is the format of the report. You will get a plain English, jargon free report delivered by a trained, fully accredited residential property surveyor. After reading it, you know exactly what the issues are and how to act on them, and if you are unsure about anything, we can go through it with you.

What to expect on the day of your survey

The SAVA home condition survey

The Home Condition Survey (or HCS) is carried out by an accredited surveyor...

..who will contact you prior to the survey visit. This will give you the opportunity to let the surveyor know about any concerns or issues you have about the property and to ask questions about the survey itself.

Home Condition Surveys are Comprehensive

On the day, we will carry out a visual inspection of the condition and structure of the property, inside and out. We will look for building condition and defects, structural defects, damp, rot and woodworm, and we will inspect heating, water, drainage, gas and electrical services.

home condition report sample

Home Condition Surveys are Consumer friendly

We will normally provide you with a written report within 48 hours, unless there are some 'exceptional features' that require more time to assess. In this case, we will agree a revised timescale with you beforehand. Either way, you will receive a report which uses a simple traffic system to highlight defects. We will be able to tell you about any alterations that have been done and we will be able to give you the rebuilding cost for insurance purposes. We can provide useful advice about the construction and future maintenance of the property and clarify any health and safety or environmental issues. We can also highlight any matters of concern to your conveyancer.

“Competitively priced professional service, I would definitely use Somerset Home Surveys again. They provided a first-class customer service and an informative and accurate survey, which I received within a couple of days. This was first time I had looked into having a Home Condition Survey instead of a Home Buyers Report and I will now always use this service. The detail provided was much clearer and easier to understand and I like the overall product."

Mrs Joanne Duggan

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